Evidence Live 2013

Within two weeks of arriving in Oxford, back in 1994, I was lucky enough to meet David Sackett. From that initial meeting, I have reflected on a career in evidence-based medicine, that has allowed me to listen and work with inspirational speakers: some were so brainy they made me feel I should go off and do something else, some were lousy and some were folk that I wanted to hear from for a long time.

So what has this got to do with EvidenceLive? The ability to have all in one place, major voices on the important issues of the day, provides an opportunity to listen engage and reflect on what exactly are the latest issues in evidence-based practice.  All in the setting of the University of Oxford examination schools.

Most conferences provide one theme or one session about one issue.  Whereas at Evidence Live we aim to mix it up. Providing different perspectives all in one setting: from child health to diagnostics, screening to cost effectiveness and much more.

Fiona Godlee, Editor of the BMJ perceives it as trying to understand the latest issues in the ‘evidence movement.’ Me, I think we have a long way to go in terms of evidence-based healthcare and a lot to understand. If you are interested in learning more, then why not come and listen to the very best. The secret is to reflect on what the best thinkers in evidence and healthcare have to say: take on board what works and sometimes discard what doesn’t.

The BMJ and CEBM have put together a line-up that can’t fail to disappoint:  Where else can you listen to Sir Muir, Peter Gøtzsche, Patrick M.M. Bossuyt Clare Gerada, Prabhat Jha and Howard Bauchner in one day.

On the second day you can listen to John E. “Jack” Wennberg, Jack Cuzick, Peter Wilmshurst, Brian Haynes, Mike Kelly, and Brian Deer.

Such a line up can only be put together every two years. So, from the world’s leading thinkers, researchers and practitioners of evidence-based healthcare we look forward to seeing you at Evidence Live 13

Evidence Live 13
25-26 March 2013, OXFORD

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