Carl Heneghan

Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine at the University of Oxford, Director of the Centre for Evidence-­Based Medicine and an NHS General Practitioner working in urgent care. 

Investigating and preventing harms from drugs and devices, advising governments on regulatory evidence and working with the media assessing health claims.

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We base our work on the evidence; we integrate it with our clinical expertise and then write about it with societal values in mind. Trust the Evidence is a reader-supported publication. 

What we’re working on

We are working on several series on Trust the Evidence, including the Transmission Riddle; Tales from the Front Line, and we’ve just added our latest book offering on Antivirals and also on Deadly Devices.

Past work involves investigating the evidence for antivirals Tamifluacute respiratory infections, IVF ‘add-on’ treatments, metal-hips, cancer screening, health checks, surgical mesh, medical devices and hormone pregnancy tests. 

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Media experience
Extensive experience in both print and broadcast media. He is a regular contributor to the Telegraph, the Mail, Express and the Spectator; he has worked with BBC Radio 4’s Inside Health series, Panorama and Sky.

A clinical advisor to three UK All Parliamentary Party Groups, an adviser to the WHO clinical trials registry platform and a founder of the AllTrials campaign; twice voted one of the top 100 NHS clinical leaders by the HSJ. In 2018 he was awarded NIHR Senior Investigator status, and in 2019  received a lifetime achievement award from Oxford for a sustained commitment to education and teaching.