I am Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine at the Department of Primary Care Health Sciences at the University of Oxford, Director of the Centre for Evidence-­Based Medicine and Director of Programs in Evidence- Based Healthcare, Fellow of Kellogg College and a NHS General Practitioner working in urgent care. [University of Oxford Bio]

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Recorded at The Dept of Continung Education, University of Oxford in January 2017: Healthcare research is all too often plagued by biases that are rooted in poor methods, leading to the wrong result and conclusions and preventing uptake into practice. We need a better understanding of what constitutes rigorous research; what are the different types of research that underpin decision making that matters to patients and how we should go about fixing the problems of poor quality research.

Conflicts of interest and payments:

Carl Heneghan has received expenses and payments for his media work. He has received expenses from the WHO the US FDA, and holds grant funding from the NIHR, the NIHR School of Primary Care Research, The Wellcome Trust and the WHO. In addition, he is an expert witness in an ongoing medical device legal case, and has received financial renumeration from an asbestos case. He has also receives income from the publication of a series of toolkit books published by Blackwells. On occasion he receives expenses for teaching EBM and is also paid for his GP work in out of hours in Oxford.  CEBM jointly runs the EvidenceLive Conference with the BMJ and the Overdiagnosis Conference with a number of international partners which are based on a  non profit making model.